Monday, June 10, 2013

Sports are the best thing known to man.  Though they have changed throughout the years they have been around forever. Sporting has evolved over time and has managed to suit the broad needs of the general populous in such sports as football, futbol, tennis and golf while filling in the individual niches of the rest in things including ice rock climbing, free base jumping and skateboarding.  The classics are still around today and some as strong as ever, such as fighting: boxing, ufc, martial arts, and fencing.  What is interesting too, is the fact that some of the things in the past done to survive are now some of the worlds favorite past times.  Hunting and fishing come to mind.

Regardlesss of the changes all sports still provide entertainment.  People love the competition, adrenaline rush, satisfaction of accomplishment and overall just enjoy the sport whether participating or watching.  It is human nature to be competitive and have the desire to excel and prove oneself.    The adrenaline is a pure form of pleasure and can be a cleansing experience.  Satisfaction can come from winning an event or accomplishing what you set out to do. 

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